Walking route

The ecological walking route in the quarter № 69 of the Luzhkovsky forestry of  GLHU «Disnensky forestry enterprise» is created by the schoolboys of Luzhkovsky high school, extension- 2 km. The route passes through multiple-aged and dissimilar plantings. Posters on nature protection subjects are placed along a route. Creation of an ecological track was based mainly on patriotic education of young generation, love of forests, nature. It is possible  just to walk along a route, breathe fresh air, enjoy the singing of birds and beauty of the native Belorussian nature. On a route there is a place of public entertainment, equipped with a fire-pit, a brazier, a car park.



Tourist route along a wildlife preserve"Strechno"

The tourist route passes through the territory of a hydrological wildlife preserve "Strechno",  located on the territory of Luzhkovsky forestry. The extension of the route is about 5 km. The track passes through basin and boggy places, which were reclaimed. On a route it is possible to meet a roe, a wild boar, an elk and other animals and birds. In meliorative channels  lodges and dams of beavers are situated. The route comes to an end on the bank of the lake "Ilovo", where geese stop during  flight, on lake coast rare species of birds of prey nest. The route can be passed on foot or  in "Rosa-05".


Tourist route in "Elnya"

Tourist route in the Hydrological reserve of the republican value "Elnya",  its  total length is  5 km. The route passes across  a unique boggy massive  with the  transitional land form, where rare plants could be met  and you can see rare wetland birds.

On the territory of the reserve there are more than 70 various in size lakes. The route ends on the largest of them "Elnya" and "Black ", the area of the first is 517 ha., and the area of the latter is 70 hectares. On the shore of the lakes it is possible to tent  and  row.

In the allowed time amateur fishing, and the gathering of berries: bilberry, cranberry, blueberry is possible. In addition, there is the opportunity to see the largest  highmoor  in the country from  a 35-meter towers located around the reserve.

It is possible to take a stroll along the route on foot  or in a special vehicle "Rosa-0,5".

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