Board on forest certification, planning and surveying republican unitary
enterprise "Belgiproles" officially confirms that the products:

- round timber of coniferous species, safety standard 1711-2007,
- hardwood round timber, safety standard 1712-2007,
- pulpwood for export, All Union State standard 22296-89,
- technological raw wood, TOR of the RB 100195503.014-2003,
- firewood, safety standard 1510-2004,
- sawn timber of coniferous breeds, safety standard 1713-2007,
- hardwood sawn timber, safety standard 1714-2007,
- fencing wood, TOR of the RB 00969296.005-98,
- wooden stake, TOR of the RB 100195503.012-2003, come from forests certified in accordance with the requirements of forest certification System of the Republic of Belarus, and in the process of its manufacture a special record and identification has been established of the used raw materials and materials received or produced from forest products originated from certified forests, providing a contrast to the products of other origin, in accordance with the requirements of TKP 5.4.03-2005 "National system of conformity assessment of the Republic of Belarus. The system of forest certification. The rules of identification of forest products and its conversion products based on origin".

GLHU ‘Disnensky forestry enterprise » carries out product labelling by the forest certification Mark in accordance to TKP  5.4.04-2005 "National system of correspondence confirmation of the Republic of Belarus. The system of forest certification. Rules of marking of forest products and its conversion products  by the forest certification Mark ». The forest certification Mark must be put on each product, label, container,packing, shipping and engineering documentations.

In 2016 GLHU «Disnensky forestry enterprise» received the certificate FSC
Map protected territories GLHU «Disnensky forestry enterprise»

In accordance with the FSC requirements through stakeholders, GLHU «Disnensky forestry enterprise» places information on a selected representative forest areas, for consultation with stakeholders on their representation to the forest Fund.

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