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Disna is situated  45 km to the east of Miory, is connected with Polotsk, Miory, Glubokoe by highways. It has the unofficial status of the smallest city of the republic.

The Disnensky forestry enterprise was organised in January, 1940 as part of seven forestries: Disnensky, Luzhkovsky, Germanovichsky, Miorsky, Iodsky, Franopolsky and Jaznensky.

Natural and climatic and forest conditions.

According to the forest site zoning of the territory of the republic, forested lands belong to the subzone of broad-leaved spruce forests (oak-dark coniferous) of Western-Dvinsk forest site region of Polotsk complex of  forestlands.

The climate of location area of the forestry is  relatively warm and humid.

The average annual  air temperature is +5,2 0C. In the warmest months (June-July) the average air temperature is +17,6 C  and in the coldest months (January-February) - -7,0 0C. The absolute minimum temperature reached -37 C, and the absolute maximum   -  +36 C.

Vegetation period lasts 8-9 days, begins 15-17 April and ends on October, 17. The period of active vegetation period (with a temperature above + 10 0C) is 132-142 day.
On the surface of the soil the last spring frosts occur on the  6-13 of May, the first autumn - on October 29-30. The average depth of soil freezing is 50-55 cm.

Precipitation amount per year is on the average 588 mm, and for the warm period - 420 m. The average relative air humidity is 70 %.

Prevailing winds are western and south-western. The northern and north-eastern winds are more often in the spring.

In general, the climatic conditions are quite favorable for growth of the main forest-forming species: pine, spruce, birch, aspen and black alder. For the conditions of the region a  widespread of gray alder is typical. On the other hand, the decrease of the heat during the vegetative period determines the low growth of oak and other hard-wooded broadleaved species.

  The area of the forest fund as of 01.01.2013 makes 101152 ha., from which 69264 ha. are covered with forests, 73627 ha of forestlands.

  Forests of the first group - 49526 ha., group II - 51626 ha. Total yield is 11891,1 thousand m3., including mature plantings -  1810,2 thousand m3

Young growths occupy the area of 16435 ha., middle-aged - 29384 ha., ripening - 16188 ha., mature and over-mature stands - 7257 ha.

The enterprise GLHU "Disna forestry" is headed by  Boharenco Igor Ivanovich.

Address: 211950, Vitebsk region.,
 Miorskij district, Disna, Lenina str., 73/a


8(02152)37364 - the director.
8(02152)37264 - the chief forest warden.
8(02152)37701 - the chief engineer.  
8(02152)37516 - the chief mechanical engineer.  
8(02152)37168 - the chief accountant.  

8(02152)37886 - the deputy director.
8(02152)37354 - accounts department.
8(02152)37284 - forest department.
8(02152)37663 - industrial department.
8(02152)37384 - a reception.

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